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1. What if the supplier is not in PeopleSoft? How do I obtain a Supplier ID?

All questions regarding suppliers should be answered in the How to add a Supplier Guide on the Purchasing and Contracts Services website. Please refer to the step by step tutorial regarding suppliers that starts on page 4.

2. What if the supplier is a consultant?

If the supplier is a consultant, then the consultant will need to be set up in PeopleSoft. The consultant will need to complete the Consultant or Lecture Agreement which can be obtained at Once the agreement is signed by the consultant, the end-user shall mail one blue inked (original signature) agreement to the assigned Buyer for signature. The Buyer will then obtain final signature from the Purchasing Supervisor and e-mail the fully-executed agreement back to the end-user to upload to the requisition. See Section 8-9 below for the AOPO process.

3. How do I enter a requisition?

Please refer to the Requisition tutorial starting on page 15 for the step by step process.

4. Whom do I contact if I am having trouble entering a requisition into PeopleSoft?

Each campus has a direct resource in their respective Business Services Office. Please contact them for assistance. All other departments contact the Purchasing and Contract Services Department.

5. Where do I attach supporting documentation (i.e., quotes, etc.)?

All supporting documents are to be attached as one single attachment to Line 1 of the requisition.

See page 28.

6. How do I create a Blanket Purchase Order?

Blanket Purchase Orders are now called "Amount Only Purchase Order" with the implementation of PeopleSoft. Please refer to the step by step tutorial on how to enter a requisition as an Amount Only requisition that starts on page 26.

7. Can I create an Amount Only requisition for supplies?

Amount Only (AOPO) orders are intended for renewals, maintenance service agreements, rentals, professional services, and subscriptions/memberships. AOPO orders should not be used for the purpose of tangible product purchases.

8. How can I see if a requisition has been approved?

A confirmation will be emailed to the requestor once the requisition is final and approved. To check the status of the requisition in PeopleSoft, drill down into the Manage Requisitions screen, enter the Requisition ID number and click search. To access the Manage Requisition, use the following navigation: Main Menu>Financials 9.2>eProcurement>Manage Requisitions. Click on gray triangle to the left under Req ID to expand the details for the requisition. If a requisition is not approved, the requestor will need to look in Manage Requisitions to obtain the status of the requisition.

9.How do I check the balance on an Amount Only PO?

To check the balance of an AOPO in PeopleSoft, use the following navigation:

Main Menu>Financials 9.2>Purchasing>Purchase Orders>Review PO Information> Purchase Order. Click on the Activity Summary and a new window will open that provides the activity against the PO.

10. How many lines can a requisition have?

A requisition should have a maximum of 25 line items.

10A. What happens if I have more than 25 lines?

If your requisition exceeds 25 line items, please create multiple requisitions for the order. You can notate "requisition 1 of xx" in the Requisition Comments and Attachments field on the requisition page. This information will transfer to the supplier as long as you check the boxes "send to supplier."

11. How should I enter the description for each line item?

The ARMA format will be required to approve requisitions. To ensure that orders are processed, please follow the ARMA Rules on pages 49 and 50. If you have further questions, please contact the Stock Room/Distribution Center at 619-388-1180.

12. The supplier has not received my Purchase Order, what should I do?

First check the status in the Manage Requisition screen to make sure the Purchased Order has been dispatched. If PO has been dispatched, please contact the supplier and verify the email address. Next, contact the Purchasing & Contracts office and request that the purchase order is re-sent to the supplier. (Please note that a valid email address is needed in PeopleSoft in order for the Purchase Order to be dispatched to the supplier). If the email address is incorrect, please complete a Supplier Intake Form which is located at and email it to

If the PO has not been dispatched, please contact the appropriate Buyer to dispatch the PO.

13. What end user contact information is needed on requisitions?

The end user's name, email address, and location are required.

14. If a supplier gives me an agreement to sign, what should I do?

Any agreements requiring signature should be forwarded to the assigned Buyer. Please be sure to provide an email address for the signed agreement to be returned. Agreements are not valid until they are signed by the Purchasing & Contract Services Supervisor.

15. Why does purchasing change the supplier that the department entered on the requisition?

The district is obligated to purchase goods and services from Board awarded District authorized suppliers. This should result in a cost savings to the district.   

16. Does the supplier get a copy of the Purchase Order?

Yes. All PO's are issued via email. All suppliers must have a current email address in PeopleSoft within the Supplier Database.

17. How do I process a Change Order?

All changes to a purchase order must be initiated by the end-user at the requisition level. This allows for review and workflow approvals. Once approved and processed the PO will then be updated and sent back to the supplier. Please refer to the step by step tutorial for end users regarding change orders that start on page 35.  

18. What happens if the supplier delivers directly to the requestor?

All goods should be delivered to the campus Stockrooms or Central Distribution Center.

End users should not accept delivery; instead please re-route the supplier to the Stockroom/Distribution Center so the ordered items can be received into PeopleSoft. District Office, DSC, and Continuing Education receiving needs to be done through the Distribution Center. Make sure the ship to location is identified on the requisition as the Distribution Center.

Staples orders can be delivered directly to the site/end user. Email the packing slip, indicating if the entire order has been received to

Please note that if the items ordered are oversized/heavy in nature, this information should be included on the initial purchase requisition so that Purchasing &Contract Services can add special notes for the driver to coordinate delivery with the end user.

As a reminder, end users are NOT to receive items in PeopleSoft.

19. What should the requestor do if they do not receive an item that was purchased?

The end user/requestor should look up the Purchase Order number; then contact the supplier to see if the item(s) were shipped. Next, the end user obtains the tracking number from the supplier and tracks the order.

If the item(s) were delivered, the requestor will need to contact the appropriate stock room or Central Distribution Center to acknowledge receiving.

20. What is a Confirmation Order?

Purchases that have been initiated and processed by an end-user without a purchase order are "ILLEGAL". The District cannot be held liable for purchases made without a purchase order. All purchases MUST have an assigned purchase order number issued by the Purchasing & Contract Services Department prior to making a purchase. If a purchase is made without a PO, the payment cannot be made. Potentially the end user can be made financially responsible for any order placed without a District authorized purchase order.

In the rare instance a Confirmation Order is allowed, a justification form will be used to complete the transaction. Please contact the Purchasing & Contract Services department for the form to use.

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